All my stuff is open source, so feel free to change it to your needs. If you add something you would like to share, feel free to contact me. Most of the stuff has got no or very bad documentation, all this stuff got coded because i needed it for a specific project. Sorry for that. But I hope it helps someone.

Lightwave Plugins
Houdini Ocean Toolkit for Lightwave2.5 MiBFebruary 6, 20152123This is a recompile of HOT for Lightwave ( (https://code I mainly updated all libraries and recompiled with the latest HOT ( (http://code I also merged all DLL's into one plugin and created x86 and x64 flavours for Windows and OSX. Feel free to head over to the Google Code site for the source code and give a big thanks to the guys, who did the main work: David Ballesteros and Mike Wolf.
Lightwave LScripts
MC Sliders6.0 MiBMarch 15, 20121790You will get a floating window with as many custom sliders as you wish. You can choose between 1D and 2D sliders, name them, animate them and link them to your rig. Small video tutorial is included.
MC Automatic TCB811.0 BMarch 15, 20121578Throw it on a button or shortcut. It will set nice TCB curves for your selected objects, without overshoots.
MC LWO Sequence Manager1.7 KiBMarch 15, 20121640Modeler Script. Choose a OBJ or LWO sequence. You can copy materials to it, subdivide, weight, make proxies, weld, make copies or just convert OBJs to LWOs.
MC Morphs From Files791.0 BMarch 15, 20121540Modeler Script. When you choose a directory it will add all LWO's in this directory as morphtargets for your currently opened objects.
MC Save Regions9.9 KiBApril 26, 20141376This plugin will allow you to render big images faster and more efficient by slicing the scene file into different limited regions. It also comes with a Photoshop stitching script for the rendered images. Video Tutorial
3ds max Maxscripts
Conform to Object2.0 KiBMarch 15, 20121490Finds closest points on target mesh and moves source mesh verts to it.
MDD Import Export4.0 KiBMarch 15, 20121523Reads and writes MDD files (Lightwave point cache file format). The default values are Lightwave friendly. You can also convert a MDD to a PC2 (which is what i do, when i import stuff from Lightwave).
PFTrack 2D Import2.6 KiBMarch 15, 20121454This is a custom object. It can be found in the object category "Maxim Capra" after installing (you can copy it into Scripts/Startup). It's a importer for a 2D tracking output of PFTrack (textfile). It will generate vertices, parented to a camera. You can choose the distance manually or project the verts onto other geometry then.
Simple Picture4.3 KiBMarch 15, 20121454Custom object. Creates a picture object with different styles. Pretty old and initially programmed for a realtime engine...
Touch Texture Maker10.8 KiBMarch 15, 20121528I don't know if it still works. It's here for sentimental reasons. It's my first maxscript. It generates an animated greyscale texture where two objects collide, also knows as wetmaps nowadays.
MOTImEx132.1 KiBJanuary 1, 20131430Reads and writes MOT files (Lightwave file format which holds the transformation and keys of an object). The default values are Lightwave friendly.